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Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program

Provider Locations and Eligibility

NC BCCCP/ WISEWOMAN Provider Locations

  • To view all county providers you can click the map below or select all counties from the drop-down menu.
  • For provider contact information within one specific county, use the drop-down menu.

North Carolina BCCCP and WISEWOMAN Providers
North Carolina BCCCP and WISEWOMAN Nurse Consultant Regions

You are eligible for NC BCCCP if you:

  • are uninsured or underinsured;
  • are without Medicare Part B or Medicaid;
  • are between ages 40 - 64 for breast screening services and 21 - 64 for cervical screening services; and
  • have a household income below 250% of the federal poverty level.

Women who are enrolled in NC BCCCP can participate in the NC WISEWOMAN program.

Income Guidelines

NC BCCCP and NC WISEWOMAN Income Guidelines Effective January 13, 2021
Persons in Family Unit 100 Percent FPG (Annual) 250 Percent FPG (Annual) 250 Percent FPG (Monthly)
1 $12,880 $32,200 $2,683
2 $17,420 $43,550 $3,629
3 $21,960 $54,900 $4,575
4 $26,500 $66,250 $5,521
5 $31,040 $77,600 $6,467
6 $35,580 $88,950 $7,413
7 $40,120 $100,300 $8,358
8 $44,660 $111,650 $9,304
For each additional family member (beyond 8) add: $4,540 $11,350 $946

For example, if there are five people in the household, the yearly income cannot be above $77,600 to qualify for NC BCCCP and NC WISEWOMEN services. .

Note: Income guidelines are determined annually by the federal government. Current guidelines may be accessed through local Departments of Social Services or US DHHS: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation: Poverty Guidelines.

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